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Partner With Us Please consider partnering with us. By partnering you are owning whatever we are doing, you are doing it with us though you are not even there when you Partner with us Financially. We have a few projects you can be involved in one a once of basis or yearly. These are the following projects: 2020 1. Restoring Broken Walls This is where we as an organization with the help of the community and the local businesses work together in transforming our communities. The idea is to paint powerful short positive messages on every available unpainted wall. Most of our communities live by default, doing things out of habit without thinking about how they can change it for the better. As they will see these messages and read it daily, it will go into their subconscious mind. This will go into their belief system and soon it will become a new habit. People will believe that they can do anything they put their minds to. They will not be looking to the government for help and assistance but will be the change that they want to see in the world. This might not happen now but definitely in the next generation! By partnering with us you are part of the bigger picture making a great difference in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and the world, one person at a time. 2. Annual Children's Activities Expo This is when children are invited to a central place within the community to meet all the people who are doing activities and showcasing what they are doing. We invite as many as we can find and many come who can make it. The people who came in the past were: - Musicians who give music lessons to children - Sensei promoting the karate - Horse Jumping, horse riding - Singing - Dancing - Radio personality promoting being a radio presenter - Police (One can volunteer at the police station as a teen) - Entrepreneur - Marching brigade We are looking forward to having more people involved in this so that our children can start living out their dreams now. WE believe that when children have a purpose in their lives they are more focused in every area of their lives because they know what they want. We help them get on the right path. We also ask donors to adopt a child and pay for their tuition for one year if they choose something that will cost money. Your partnership with us helps do this. 3. Holiday Clubs During the school holidays, we go to three different centers each week and teach the children values and principals that bring about transformation. These children are there for the day receiving teaching, food, games and sometimes even gifts. You can do the same thing in your own areas or just partner with us and empower us to reach out to more areas with more people working with, who we will train to do the work with excellence. 4. Annual National Children's Day This is a yearly event where children in and around the community are invited to come to one central place and have a huge party. National Children's Day is about children being children and enjoying themselves as children. Our children do not play anymore. They grow up to be adults while being children and losing their childhood at such an early age. Most of what we see developed today in the world is designed by people who were children and knew what it was like to play and just have fun. fun is such an important yet overlooked commodity in our communities and even in our homes. At National Children's Day, our children are reminded who they are as children and that they should be children for as long as possible. they get something to eat and to drink. They have fun on the Jumping Castles, Face Painting, Arts and Craft, Horse Riding, A Petting Zoo with exotic animals, dancing, singing, teaching, and a talent show. This is started in the morning with a community march led by the Traffic Department, the Police, and the Girls and Boys Brigade. We started with 300+ in 2013 and in 2019 there were 1840+ children and adults. Children know about this event and look forward to it all year. Our desire is to have something to this effect every working day for the children, where children are free to have fun and express themselves. This Event is FREE, FREE, FREE fro everyone who comes. No one is allowed to sell anything on the day. Every child is treated equally. 5. Parenting Training Skills We meet with parents in homes, schools, churches organizations, and online platforms to help them be more effective. This training is given without expecting any money as the people we work with are not able to make any payments. Most people in our communities who are having problems with their children will first buy essentials then using that money to pay for any type of training making them better. We want to really help people see and have the lives they are supposed to have, with peace, love, harmony, and success. 6. Youth Development Training We meet with youth who are already going to organizations where they are either working or being helped with a drug problem or skills development. Our focus is to help them find purpose in life and put them into contact with people who are already on that path and are successful. This we are also doing at no cost to them though it is costing us. As you can see your partnership can make a great difference as we will be able to do so much more. Thank you very much for thinking about making and being the difference with us! Please feel free to contact us on thank you very much.